Hi, I'm Natalie!
I live with my husband and six-year-old daughter just outside Portland, Oregon.
I spent ten years painting portraits and landscapes as a traditional oil painter, was a Mentor member of the prestigious California Art Club, and was featured in Southwest Art magazine as a young artist to collect. After my daughter was born I started illustrating for children. As a lifetime lover of picture books, and a grown-up who never quite grew up, I feel like I've finally found my home.
                 I recently finished illustrating my fifth book, and am developing my own book ideas as author/illustrator. When I'm not making or reading books, I can be found hiking, chipping away at overly-ambitious DIY projects, and mostly just rustling up and endless stream of snacks for my daughter.
You can follow me on Instagram for the latest work and behind the scenes!
P.S. If you're the curious type you can see my fine art work here.
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